Race Day Info

Race Program

5:00 am - 6:00 am   Registration for 50 km race
6:20 am                   Race briefing, 50 km race
6:30 am                   50 km RACE START

6:00 am - 7:00 am  Registration for 30 km race
7:20 am                  Race briefing, 30 km race
7:30 am                 30 km RACE START

7:00 am - 8:00 am  Registration for 10 km race
8:20 am                  Race briefing, 10 km race
8:30 am                 10 km RACE START

Presentations will be made throughout the day.


Parking is available on the streets around Patonga. Please only park where allowed and keep noise to a minimum.

Woy Woy Station (13km from Patonga) is well served by the Central Coast & Newcastle Line which runs between Sydney and Newcastle. The Transport Info Line Trip Planner can be used to plan your connecting trips. Unfortunately, Trackwork sometimes affects services on this line particularly at weekends.

There is a limited Bus Service between Patonga and Woy Woy Station.

On Course

Course markings
Courses will be marked at all intersections and on sections that are not part of the Great North Walk. Marshals will direct you when crossing Patonga Drive – the only road crossing on the courses. There will be some marshals directing competitors at some intersections on the course.

The Great North Walk hiking trail is marked for all of its length, especially at intersections and points of interest. However, the green colour of the marker posts sometimes makes them difficult to see. Competitors will need to be very watchful for the course markings and be careful to avoid missing turns or getting lost. There are some sections on rocky plateaus where the course can be hard to follow - pink tape will be used in some of these sections.

Drink stations
Drink stations are provided at regular intervals on the course – see course maps for locations. These locations will have water, Tailwind sports drink and soft drink. Our event is “cupless” so competitors need to carry their own cups or other containers for getting fluids. It is recommended that each runner carries a 500ml bottle at all times.

Safety Information

All event races pass through bush areas within Brisbane Water National Park and competitors should be prepared for tough running conditions. Please read this section carefully.

There is no mandatory equipment for any race but it is strongly recommended that each competitor carry an emergency blanket, snake bandage and at least 1 litre of water. There are some sections on the track where provided assistance in the event of a medical incident will take some time and competitors need to be prepared for this.

Other recommend equipment includes energy food, toilet paper, sun hat, sun block, insect repellent, mobile phone and a Personal Locator Beacon. Medical assistance Competitors should contact emergency services on 000 in the event of any life-threatening medical incident using a mobile phone (limited coverage) or a Personal Locator Beacon. Non urgent medical incidents should be reported to race officials at checkpoints or drink stations.

Runners must render all possible assistance to any person found injured or incapacitated along the course, even if it means abandoning their own race. Next time, it may be you that needs assistance

Potable water
High temperatures are possible on race day and some parts of the course are exposed – it is vital that competitors stay hydrated on course. Any water encountered on the course should be considered unsafe for drinking.

The event passes through areas with the risk of bushfires at any time of year. The event organisers will liaise closely with National Parks and the NSW Rural Fire Service to provide up-to-date information regarding bushfire risk. In the event of a total fire ban or the start of bushfire in the vicinity of the course, the event will be postponed or cancelled. This may occur during the running of the event in which case competitors will be directed by race officials to evacuate the area.

All competitors should must familiarise themselves with the Actions to take if Caught In A Bushfire available here.

All competitors should familiarise themselves with the Actions to take if Caught In A Thunderstorm available here.

While the organisers of the event, Terrigal Trotters Inc, have Public Liability Insurance this insurance does not provide any coverage for injury or illness to competitors. All event entrants are encouraged to ensure they have medical insurance that covers them for injuries or illness sustained during the event including for medical evacuation if necessary.

Snakes and spiders inhabit the event terrain but are unlikely to be seen at the time of the race. Nevertheless, competitors need to be aware of the appropriate treatment for snake bites (click here for details) and spider bites (click here for details).

Trail conditions
The event courses use a mix of fire trail and walking tracks. Entrants must be prepared for rough trail surfaces, precipitous ascents and descents, mud, creek crossings, and slippery rocks and roots. Walking is advisable in may locations.

There are some creek crossings on the course – these are usually dry but after recent heavy rain may require the exercise of caution.

In general, courses should be easy to follow using event course marking and Great North Walk trail markers. Sometimes the GNW markers are hard to see particularly on rocky plateaus.

If at any time you think you are lost try and backtrack to where you last saw a course marker or call out for assistance from other trail users. Avoid travelling through bush where possible. If you are still unable to locate the track move to higher ground and try calling or messaging on your mobile phone for assistance.

Refund and Transfer Policy

Race change
Entrants may change races prior to 6:00pm on Friday, 13 September 2024 by accessing their registration dashboard through the link provided in their confirmation email.

Any difference in Entry Fee difference must be paid at that time. If the switch is to a shorter race distance a refund may be provided on request.

Entry transfers
Entrants may transfer their entry to another person prior to 6:00pm on Friday, 20 September 2024 by accessing their registration dashboard through the link provided in their confirmation email.

Entrants may withdraw from the event and request a refund prior to 6:00pm on Friday, 13 September 2024 by contacting the event organisers.

Prior to 6:00 pm, 26 August 2024           75 % refund
Prior to 6:00 pm, 8 September 2024       50 % refund

No refunds will be available after 8 September 2024.

No deferrals will be offered.

Postponement / cancellation
In the unlikely event that the event is unable to be held on the designated date, entrants will be given the option to defer their entry to a rescheduled date in the current year, or to the event in the following year.

Race Rules

Race numbers
All competitors will be issued with race numbers (bibs) that must be worn for the duration of the race and be visible from the front.

Competitor withdrawal
Race medical staff and race officials have the power to withdraw a competitor at any time for any reason at their own discretion or impose waiting times on competitors if a competitor is deemed to have broken race rules, is medically unfit, or any other reason deemed valid by the Race Director.

Following the course
Competitors must follow the marked course at all times, stay on the trail and follow directions of marshals – short cuts are not allowed. If any competitor does not take the marked route, accidentally or otherwise, they must report this to race officials on course and at the finish. It will be at the discretion of the Race Director to take action including adjusting course times or disqualification.

Other users
Please be courteous to other trail users including walkers and bike riders. Please pass to the left of competitors coming from the opposite direction.

Cutoff times
Cutoff times are listed within the information for each course. Any competitor that misses the cutoff times will be directed by marshals to safely leave the course.

Competitors must arrange their own transport for return to the start/finish area.

Outside assistance
In the interests of fairness to all competitors, outside assistance is not allowed at any point on the course including at drink stations. This includes the use of drop bags or food/drink stashes or taking rides in vehicles. All competitors must only use drink and food they carry with them from the start or available at the drink stations.

Pacers are not allowed in any race. Any assistance provided to a competitor other than a race official will result in disqualification and potential bans on future race entry.

Littering and sanitary waste
We have the privilege of running through the beautiful National Parks of the Central Coast - no littering is allowed anywhere along the course. Rubbish can be disposed of in marked bins at drink stations or at the start/finish area.

Toilets are only available at the start / finish area and at the Girrakool hafway point on the 50 km course. Elsewhere along the course, human waste must be disposed of in a sanitary manner by burying to a depth of 15cm and at least 100 metres from creeks and well used areas.

Race withdrawal
Competitors can withdraw from the race at any manned checkpoint or drink station. Each race will have a course sweeper. It is imperative that withdrawing competitors notify race officials on course and at the start / finish area so that no unnecessary searches are conducted.


Please respect the efforts of all our race volunteers - any runner who abuses race officials will be disqualified.