Frequently Asked Questions


When do entries close?
Entries close on 4:00 pm Saturday 21st September.

Can I enter on the day?
No – all entries must be done online by 4:00 pm Saturday 21st September.

Team Registration

How do I create a team?
You can create a group as part of the event registration process. If you are the administrator of your team / group, select "Create Group" and then enter a group name - choose something simple that others in your team can find when they enter. Groups can be available to anyone (public) or by invitation only (private). The group administrator can choose to pay for others in the group but note that entries are not official until this is done.

How do I join an existing team / group?
When you enter the event, you can choose to join an existing team / group - simply enter the group name.

Can I join a team (group) after I have entered?
Yes, you can join an existing group by clicking on the link in your registration email and selecting Join Group.

Registration Changes

How do I change the race I have entered?
To change the race you have entered, go to your participant dashboard using the link provided in your confirmation email. Then click on the Transfer menu button and select Transfer to Sub-Event. You will need to select your T-shirt size again. You will need to pay any difference in entry fee - unfortunately, we can not provide a refund if you change to a shorter race.

How do I transfer my entry to someone else?
In the event that you can not participate this year, we do not provide refunds but you can transfer your entry to someone else via your personal dashboard. Just click on the View Dasboard button in your confirmation email.

If I can't run, can I give my race number to someone else?
It is important that you do NOT give your race number to someone else - you can transfer your entry for free via your personal dashboard. Just click on the View Dashboard button in your confirmation email.

Race Numbers (Bibs)

When will I get my race number?
You will be able to collect your race number at registration before the race – see Race Program.


Where do I collect my T-shirt?
You will be able to collect your T-shirt at registration before the race – see Race Program.

Can I change my T-shirt size?
If we have spare T-shirts available you may be able to change your size.



Is there a drop bag service for the 50 k race?
No, you will have to rely on what you carry and what is available at the aid stations.

Cut off times

What are the cut off times?
See Info section for cut off times.


What time are the presentations?
We expect to have presentations throughout the day.

Aid Stations

Are there toilets on the course?
There are toilets at the Patonga start and finish area and at Girrakool at the halfway mark of the 50k race.

Where are the drinks stops?
See course maps

What drinks are available at the drinks stops?
All drinks stops will have Tailwind, soft drink, water and some lollies.

Are there First Aid stations on the course?
First aid will be available at each aid station.


I am unable to run, can I get a refund?
75 % refund available to 12 August     50 % refund available to 8 September   Contact event organisers

What happens if I need to drop out, how do I get to the finish?
If you are unable to complete the course please report to the nearest course marshal and they will advise on how you should get back to the start / finish area.


Will the event go ahead if it is raining?
Yes - the event will go ahead whatever the weather conditions unless there is a total fire ban or risk of flooding.

What if I have a question that hasn't been answered in the FAQ?
Please use the Contact Us link to submit your enquiry.